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Thread: Baby Blog's for sale

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    Default Baby Blog's for sale

    I kind of like this idea, I see so many people braging about their babys on facebook, I thought it would be good to create a baby blog. All your facebook croonies will be jealous of you. Now this site is a .info name, I only got it the bame because a .info is only $0.97. I recomend a dotmobi name. (I am almost done this I need more photos, just needs a little clean up)

    Price: $275 via verified Paypal... Please check out the site.
    I am only selling a few of this baby themes here, so if you want it real soon, post sold and PM me so I can get started.
    Some Site features:
    - Site can be fully privacy protected or public
    -Custom header for the featured baby, plus custom login photo (go to register to see)
    - Can interact with twitter and facebook
    - Scores a 4/5 on
    - I will host your site for free for 1 year and help you out
    - Full on the minute stats plus control panel.
    - Much more.

    Here is what you will need to get the site up.

    - Buy a dot Mobi name of choice (Since the site is mobile friendly) or you can do what ever extension you want.

    - Supply me about 10-15 Digital Photos of the baby or kid that will be featured in this. Plus some short write ups. I will then replace the old content with your own content. I will also show you how the control panel works, It is real easy pretty much and you will do it in no time.

    You will have a very nice site of your baby or a great gift for the holidays to someone else. I think it will be great to email all your freinds and family the site of your baby, and they get to comment back with you.

    So buy it and surprize your wife or husband, even parents so that they can see your child grow up.

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    First person to get one will only pay $199 (today before 4pm est time.)

    Check out what you will get (the only thing you have to do is buy or use one of your own dot mobi names send me some photos of the kid to put on the site.

    The site can be fully hidden from the internet if security is your issue. If you wife loves blogging, get one for her.

    This is the gift that keeps on giving all year around.

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