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Thread: Nominations: November .mobi of the Month

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    Default Nominations: November .mobi of the Month

    It's time to start accepting nominations for the November 2009 MotM!

    Not sure which site to nominate? Have a look at the New .mobi sites Developed by Members to see what's been announced over the past couple of months.

    To be nominated, a .mobi site must:
    • Be a site owned by a Mobility member who has a post count of at least 30 and has been a member for at least 1 month (to discourage new members from joining just to have their sites nominated).
    • Not be yours (to keep the number of nominations down).
    • Score at least a 4/5 on (to encourage proper development).
    • Be no more than 3 months old (to promote new sites and encourage new developments).
    • Have never previously won .mobi of the month (to give other sites a chance), although it may be previously nominated
    • Not be adult or offensive in nature (to keep it clean).
    Also, you are only allowed to nominate 1 site per month, and please remember to include the verified score.

    Last day for nominations is October 25, at which point we'll begin the voting, which will end on October 31. Start posting those nominations!

    Nominated so far:

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    for more info on the site see

    vcool's is a worthy candidate also, hopefully someone would consider nominating it also.
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    Thumbs up

    I like to nominate
    cell phone view

    5/5 on
    Owner mobitunist
    DEV Gogo

    Why? Stop smoking is an important life-changing effort for many of us, including me. This website provides information to open your mind and recognize. Amen (one moment please, just looking for my next cigarillo. It´s boring to drink a Saint-Emilion without bread, cheese and tobacco ...)

    Sorry for the competition, Andres . But you already have been MotM for several times if I remember correctly. AND your portfolio and skills will guarantee more MotMs until the year ... say 2080, if you DON´T SMOKE!
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    Can I nominate 2?
    I second

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilot View Post
    Thanks for the nomination, pilot!
    The site will be updated throughout the week, so stay tuned!

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