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Thread: Looking for wapsite earning atleast $100 per month

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    Default Looking for wapsite earning atleast $100 per month

    Main thing i need is Traffic Filled Wapsite with only mobile or iphone traffic

    i am Looking for wapsite earning atleast $100 per month from admob or any other network

    i have some good budget around 1000 to 5000

    but i need traffic status proof and also earning proof and no ringtones,adult mp3,etc i think it should be besides mobile related content but with great content and traffic(might consider wallpaper but not nude according to admob tos)

    Please don't try to fool me ...

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    "I am Looking for wapsite earning at least $100 per month from admob or any other network"

    That's funny, so am I... lol

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    what is funny in it..ok don't be angry but i will pay that person...and it looks like huge sum

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    you may want to to see and visit, i'll give it all including the sites that is posted in the page (of course toplist site not included coz they are not mine obviously) just did some cleaning with the long url lately for seo, submitted sitemaps, etc. most of the site scores 5/5 bout traffic, i put a realtime online list on one of the site and i can provide some server (awstats) and with that, i think you will already know if that site can make a 100+ bucks a month or not. host/2 domain (3 domains, i just bought the last one recently) will expire this february. I have no time to manage it already. Send me pm if your interested.
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