Seguros Lagun Aro lanza web para teléfonos móviles ( promoted on front page of main site)

Lagun Aros is a general insurance company that is part of Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa


Mondragon Corporation is a group of cooperatives and businesses native to the Basque Country and now extended for the rest of Spain and other countries. It is the first business group in the Basque Country and the seventh in Spain, as well as the largest cooperative group in the world. It has almost 95,000 employees. It was founded by Father Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta in 1956 and its headquarters is located in the town of Mondragón, in industrial Léniz Valley. On April 1, 2008 announced it was switching its corporate brand to Mondragon.

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The insurance company Lagun Aro has launched a new website service. This is an open access portal which can be entered to read the information on this insurance company from anywhere, and using a mobile phone.

Some of the services offered by the new mobile Web site are:

* Direct contact with the telephone service.
* List of direct branches and mediation Seguros Lagun Aro.
* Office Locator Caja Laboral.
* Information on insurance products.

At this site: can be accessed from any mobile phone that has a web browser.