Even though Arkansas has no lottery yet!, I figured ( if you build it,They will come). So http://arkansaslottery.mobi , http://arlottery.mobi & http://arlotto.mobi all will offer current and past winning Arkansas state lottery numbers from mobile access just as soon as there up and running.
Arkansas state passed a new lottery last election so The current Date is set for October 29th but there is talk of starting up September 28th.
You can currently go to the site for all the bells and wistles.
There happens to be two Twitter sites. I forgot I had one ready last month and built another so twitter = Arkansaslotto and Arkansaslotto1

All other states with mobile access can be found by going to http://www.pitchman101.wordpress.com

This makes 25 states mobile access for lottery numbers of 42+1 currently with state run lottery's