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Thread: Will dotMobi shut down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
    Take any domain and build a site.
    I missed this man of action. Welcome back, Gerry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pred View Post
    fair to say either you were kept in the dark like a mushroom and fed bull$hit like the rest of us. or you were spinning it.
    which was it Vance?
    still waiting for an answer Vance
    see my earlier post

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    9 months after my last post, still no answer...............

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    Well Dotmobi is now owned by another Irish Company, Afilias

    Ireland is in deep financial crisis, having to call in the IMF and the EU to borrow €85 billion due to the idiocy in ireland's banking and property sectors.

    So the obvious question is, will Afilias be affected? Anyone got info on how well they are doing? Time to start asking.

    If they have been willing to lose money on Dotmobi while developing possible new revenue models like, will they change approach now?

    Here is an interesting item about them lending to .asia

    Q27. Why was Afilias chosen as the back-end registry services provider?

    Some of the reasons why Afilias was chosen as the back-end registry services provider of DotAsia include:

    • Afilias is the world's second largest gTLD registry company, and the leading registry services provider. They currently operate .INFO, .ORG, .IN and 8 other ccTLDs, with a total of over 10 million domains under management, representing over 10% of the world's total number of domains. Afilias was evaluated to be a proven provider with good experience operating TLDs for themselves and for others. Having Afilias as a technology provider provides high level of confidence for DotAsia to meet ICANN's technical requirements. This is now proven to be an accurate assessment.
    • Afilias has a proven track-record for maintaining good relationship with ICANN and ongoing compliance with ICANN policies. The knowledge and experience from Afilias for dealing with ICANN will be valuable to DotAsia.
    • The financial terms for the ongoing registry services as well as the loan for start-up activities of DotAsia Organisation proposed by Afilias is highly favourable and risk free, based entirely on a per-domain-year structure. There would be no one-time set-up cost to DotAsia so the organisation would have very little financial burden on the capital expenses part during the start-up period. In other words, it would be a risk sharing model which would encourage both parties to do a better job.
    • Unlike other providers, Afilias is focused solely on domain registry services and will not be distracted by other priorities in other lines of businesses.
    • There are many Asians working for Afilias, especially on the .ASIA project, including their CTO Ram Mohan who is from India. This will be useful when .ASIA starts to offer IDN services.
    DotAsia Organisation does not believe that it would have been able to obtain a materially better deal from any other existing providers, considering the per-domain-year fee level as well as the zero-interest unsecured loan, or have the capacity as a start-up not-for-profit organisation to assume all technical responsibilities in a manner acceptable by ICANN requirements. DotAsia Organisation believes that the decision was made with fiscal prudence and was a correct decision. The arrangements and rationales for the selection of Afilias as the registry services provider are also well understood by our members.
    Here's an interesting snippet about the new TLDs:
    Incumbent registries are among the real ICANN insiders. From an economic perspective, short of stopping new gTLDs altogether, their advantage is to throw up barriers and to bleed new applicants, whether public-interest registries or entrepreneurial ventures. Second best to no new TLDs are an exhausted and weakened set of competitors.
    In the course of human history some people, and even some companies, have risen above their narrow self-interest to embrace the greater good. It has happened. It is also rare – so rare as to excite surprise and exclamations of approval. It is therefore legitimate to examine the interest and position of incumbent registries within ICANN, so that the Board can decide if these companies and individuals are among those exceptional few.
    On the Board itself sits Rita Rodin Johnston, who has represented Afilias and Global Name Registry. Also from Afilias is Ram Mohan, an Executive Vice President of Afilias. As Chair of the GNSO is Chuck Gomes, a Vice President of VeriSign. A former Board member and prime agitator against new TLDs and EOIs is Michael Palage, who is rumored to be in the employ of Afilias, a rumor which Afilias executives do not deny.* These people are smart, knowledgeable, and have contributed much to the ICANN process. They are also people with an undeniable interest.
    *In a conversation with Ken Stubbs last week at the ICANN Studienkreis in Barcelona, I asked him point blank several times, with others present, if Mr. Palage was being paid by Afilias. Mr. Stubbs on each occasion declined to answer. If this widespread rumor is false, we would be glad to see it dispelled.
    Even if these individuals do not recuse themselves from consideration of new gTLDs because of their entirely human propensity to protect their interests, we ask the Board and the GAC to note their positions of influence and “insiderness” when considering their statements, as they should with statements from any party.

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    ... agitator against new TLDs and EOIs ...
    What are EOIs?
    (almost afraid to ask.....)

    Affilias is seeking new TLDs to do the tech side for - I even got an email soliciting me to start a new extension with them. Better than bleeding the newcomer would be a long term profitable relationship for their business, IMHO.

    Very interesting about the loan to .ASIA. Coupled with the purchase of .MOBI it looks like Afillias has some ready cash. Affilias gets most of its' revenue out-of-country, I expect Ireland's troubles do not affect them very much.
    "First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. And then you win."

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