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1 million+ Pageviews per month. 32,000+ Unique Visitors. 5,000+ Members.

For the first time since its inception in 2007, is opening its doors to advertisers.

Mobility is the largest, most active, and fastest-growing dotMobi and Mobile Web forum in the world. We're a very active community of thousands of mobile developers, domainers, and investors from all over the world sharing ideas and knowledge and working together to help build the Mobile Web from the ground up. We also host the .mobi of the Month™ (MotM™) award – the only monthly .mobi award in the industry – awarded to the best mobile websites as voted by the community. also offers a friendly place to discuss the mobile internet and .mobi extension, exchange mobile web development tips and ideas, a marketplace to buy, sell, and trade .mobi domain names, and a news space to find out the latest that's happening around the mobile world. We're very much an international community, with members from all over the world, and host language and market-specific forum areas in 7 different languages. Our members include the owners of the most valuable .mobi portfolios in the world, making us the most influential forum in the industry.

This makes our forum a genuinely perfect fit for any mobile web company wishing to engage a larger, more-targeted market.

Our community is experiencing very healthy organic growth with a significant % of the traffic coming from natural Google search results. In fact, our Unique Visitor numbers have increased over 250% in the past year and have grown from 0 to over 27,000 unique monthly visitors (and growing!) in only 2 years since our inception. As the community continues to grow, more posts are created, and therefore more pages are indexed, bringing an increasing number of new visitors each month. It's a self-feeding cycle that we believe will lead to continued healthy organic growth in unique visitors. Mobility itself has never been advertised anywhere, so this all is high-quality, natural traffic.

The advertising itself would consist of an exclusive 728 x 90 banner at the top of Mobility (between the Navigation Bar and the Chat) that would appear on every page of the forum, plus a complementary Text Ad on the mobile version of Mobility (the version seen when accessed from a mobile phone; most of our traffic is from PC users however). Please note that a 728 x 90 banner is over 133% larger than the standard 468 x 60 banner Ads used on most sites. is one of the most highly-targeted forums in the Industry, so if your company is involved in the Mobile Web, this is an excellent opportunity to not only draw-in new clients to your business, but to also establish a significant brand presence in the industry. After all, Mobility is #1 on Google for ".mobi forum", "mobile web forum", and "mobile internet forum".

Here are recent stats from October 2009:

Unique Visitors: 32,411
Visits: 70,964
Pageviews: 1,435,241

Considering the exclusive Ad would appear on every page of the forum, it would receive impressions roughly equal to the number of Pageviews, so over 1 million impressions per month. Furthermore, as already mentioned, it would be an exclusive ad that would not compete for attention with any other advertising on Mobility, leading to higher CTR's and brand awareness.

So if your company is interested in reaching out to mobile web developers, domainers, investors, and users, by advertising exclusively to this highly-targeted market, then please contact us and we'll take care of your needs. Our pricing is very competitive.

Best regards,

Andres Kello, Owner