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Thread: Italian government's eating advice gone mobile with .mobi

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    Thumbs up Italian government's eating advice gone mobile with .mobi

    Made by INRAN--Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca per gli Alimenti e la Nutrizione (National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition)

    See promotional video about the .mobi site here: (*Must see, super well done!!)
    *Found below article from

    (ANSA) - Rome, June 25 - Italians are to get online
    eating advice from the government`s top food institute.
    Following a similar move in the United States, the
    National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research (INRAN) on
    Thursday unveiled the new website,
    INRAN`s Andrea Ghiselli said it would provide ``a
    monitoring system for consumers` eating habits``.
    Among the tips, INRAN says ``olive oil is good for you
    but you shouldn`t have too much, stop at three tablespoons a
    The cholesterol-conscious are told that between two and
    four eggs a week are OK, ``preferably one at a time``.


    ___________ *Read below in Italian here..

    The service was thought in terms of mobility. The system recognizes when accessed by PC or by mobile phone and acts accordingly, returning the correct interface.

    Not all services are designed for the site from a fixed function in mobility, because the mobile service was designed to be light, easily navigable and useful in specific situations: six to the market and you want to know the calories of a peach, or want to register on "Mangiomeglio" the meal you just made, or if you want to know what you are drunk you can drive a car.

    You have not, however, guidelines, insights, the Glossary, the evaluation of the diet or anything that you can use with more comfort from a fixed location, and mobility you will find only the screen here, as will appear on your phone .

    1) To use Mangiomeglio for the first time you must create an account to a fixed location, then you can enter your meals a week either by phone or fixed terminal. We decided to offer the possibility to use the phone because it always bring with us so it is easier to pin every time the meal. In eat better mobility, however, you do not have the extensive list of food groups and servings. Here's how you set.

    2) works as Chiedoemangio fixed terminal. You will have access to the entire database of questions, which are organized into groups of categories, but you will not have the ability to submit new applications using the only available form for the service to be fixed.

    3) Somangiare, as well as access from a fixed location, it gives you an assessment of your energy needs and your current weight and return recommendations on how to reach the weight or maintain it, if appropriate.

    4) Since you're moving, the essential function of Sobere will be to assess whether your level of alcohol in the blood is compatible with current legislation on driving vehicles. Remember that the calculation is only indicative!

    5) Contoemangio may be interested to know the energy value and composition of macronutrients in a food. For more in-depth assessment of recipes or diets instead must use the service from a fixed location. The service is totally free, the costs of connection depends on the tariff profile for browsing the Internet.
    For information about these costs, please contact your phone company.

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    Great find, trix--thanks! (Off to count my Italian names.)

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    Great information for mobile! Nice to see both the use of Mobi and government agencies getting solid nutrition information to the people.

    Thanks for the post
    C.T. Kirkpatrick
    Austin Texas

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    Trix, you constantly amaze me.

    I am convinced you take the Red Eye to Italy just to speak to Italian companies about .mobi.

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    Ti amo, Kitty! This is a big find, repped.

    Abo Apo are Arena ars Benzin Bestellung Bett Cargo Champ Charger Deko descargas Devisen Dirndl Druck Elektro Ferienhaus Galeria Goud heiss Horoscopo ICT inline Jantes Jobboerse Joias Jury Kombi Kreuzfahrt Lichtmit Mobilfunk Moveis Nails Olio Onlinekredit Parfuem pep Pisa Polizei pronto Schlagzeilen Servicio SocialMediaMarketing Spielzeug StockExchange Styling tellTerminal TFT tire Transporter Vaticano viajar vivre was wau Wein wer Zahnarzt Zeit Zubehoer

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    tasty find, repped- but how do you find this stuff???

    btw bevanda/e is free - beverage(s) in Italian

    that site has a section on how to drink LOL.

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    Thanks Getsmarrt, Think, Ger, Blitzy & Gogo.

    I find things by going onto Yahoo Italia & typing in Sito .mobi ( or at times I'd put month of the year in Italian there too) as query term and see what comes up. Quick scan visually and see if anything looks interesting.

    Saper Mangiare--BTW means 'knowing how to eat' FYI

    Anyway, thanks for your kind words.

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