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Thread: locate by geographical location

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    Question locate by geographical location

    wondering if there is any way to locate other mobile enthusiasts,domainers,Marketers by there geographical location like craigslist does.
    Are there any other people out there that would like to network in there area, besides online?.
    The reason being ,I would love to be able to possibly meet some people in my area for coffee and discussion.( networking )
    I'm in Denver, Colorado.

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    Meeting up with other members is fun, but whether or not people want to reveal their locations is a members prerogative. I'd suggest starting a thread perhaps in the private members area to invite any member to a meet up in your area.

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    Default Thats a Great Idea!

    I live in Denver and i need to network with people who actually exchange tips and information in person, to me it's harder to learn from reading. Just my $.02

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