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Thread: Contract based Sales vs. SIM-Only ??

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    Default Contract based Sales vs. SIM-Only ??

    Dear All,

    Do you know or have idea about contract based subs. sales vs. SIM-only sales for European carrier?
    I guess contract-based sales overcome SIM-only, right??



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    Im not sure about figures but sim only sales have certainly been growing at a fast rate over the past 12 months and respectively there has been a decline in long term mobile phone contract sales. I expect this will slow down as the market may well move towards pay as you go and mobile contracts once again due to more competitive offers.

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    I think that the new breed of sim deals are the way of the future. Why would people opt for a PAYG when sim only contracts offer so much more value? I got my sim only contract from
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    Cool SIM Only

    As far as I know (and I'm travelling quite all around the place in Europe), SIM only deals are only popular in United Kingdom. They don't exist in France, where operators always find a way of giving you a phone at 10€ max, and I haven't seen them in Germany, Spain nor Italy.

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    We had a report covering the growth in sim only deals in the press earlier this year where our site has seem a huge increase in the volume of sim only deals since the recession has started (though other factors like more of these deals and more advertising/awareness of these deals have been a factor too).
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    They are also very popular in the Netherlands and are growing in countries like Germany too.

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