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Thread: Do you think that SMS marketing will be beneficial ?

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    Default Do you think that SMS marketing will be beneficial ?

    As the technology is growing at fast rate ... every company wants to adopt every kind of method to promote their products.

    Latest pattern is SMS. Many companies are taking this service to promote their products and always send updates to their clients and customer about latest updates.

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    I think SMS is fanatastic provided the people receiving the messages have gone through a double-opt-in process like they do for email. I get SMS messages with pizza coupons every month or so and most of the time I order pizza using the SMS coupon.

    The SMS campaign needs a "call to action" or it is a wasted message in my opinion. Offer a discount, or make it easy to link to a mobile site where something is being promoted to make best use of the technology and cost associated with it.
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    I don't 'think' it has benefits, I know it does!

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    Regards, cobo

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    Certainly this one is effective but once your client got another SMS than value of your sms will go down and he/she will not see again. Plus now a days people do not like to see those message which came from company as promo offer.

    So to make this more effective you have to put such information which can attract him/her. Only telling about your products are not good enough, believe me such SMS get ignored.

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    Here's an alternative to SMS if you have good foot traffic or better still a captive audience:

    Try proximity marketing with BlueTooth - I'm getting around a 9% accept rate with the kit here.
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    having been in the SMS industry for the past 9 years, I can tell you that SMS marketing defiantly works.
    It has been proven that people have a higher recall rate of SMS messages then an ad they heard on the radio or seen in any street.
    An unread SMS on your phone can not be ignored. People simply HAVE to read it.

    One word of caution - make the SMS content relevant to the person receiving it.

    Finally, to really make this work - add a Mobi site on the end of the SMS so that customers can be refered to your Mobi site for more info.

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    yes, cos mobile technology is spreading very fast

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    SMS Marketing is a good way.....

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    Default 88EFC

    Mobile Marketing is a way of delivering your marketing message to a prospect or existing
    customer via their mobile device. No matter the device, Mobile
    Marketing is an extremely cost effective and fun way to reach customers.
    When people hear the term Mobile Marketing, they automatically think of Mobile Text Marketing.
    Even though Mobile Text Marketing is one of the most popular facets of Mobile Marketing, it’s
    not the only way to deliver a marketing message to a mobile device.
    Mobile Marketing tactics include:
    · Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - A way to send text messages that include
    pictures, videos, and wallpapers to consumers on their mobile device.
    · Mobile Applications (APPS) - A software program that can be downloaded and used on
    a handheld device, typically a smart phone, is considered a ‘mobile app’.
    · Location-Based Marketing - Allows you to interact with consumers on their mobile
    phones. Popular Location-Based companies like GowallaTM and FoursquareTM offer the
    opportunity for consumers to interact with brands in a fun way. They include Geo-games,
    Check-In Applications, Location-Based SMS, and others.
    · QR Codes – A QR Code is a simple barcode that can provide information and offers for
    smart phone users. Usually a QR Code is placed in a print advertisement, direct mail
    piece, or even a business card.

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    Default I agree

    i have to agree SMS marketing works i have been using it for over a year and a half and it still brings in about 50% of my income so in other words it works great

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