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Thread: Iwant Info Stats plus taking offers

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    Default Iwant Info Stats plus taking offers

    I am taking reasonable ofers on this great mobi. PM only for offers, but you can post any questions on this thread!

    I hope you can see this chart. If not I will tryped in some stats.

    This site makes on the average of $1-$2 a day (mainly cheap clicks, I havent really tried to get more) A few times it made $5-$9 with the right ads) But technicly it will make you around $400 a year to play it save with out any special tricks from admob.

    This site has been around for over a year and a half. These current stats are just from January 09- May 31st. Since then:

    Unique visitors: 52,900
    Number of visits: 112,000
    Pages: 214,000
    Hits: 2,280,000
    Bandwidth: 12.85

    But the most important thing of all is it's ioncrease of traffic every month. Since May it has out beat April's Unique visitors by about 6,000, 150,000 more hits and about 14,000 more visits.

    The site is only improving everymonth and was never advertised, it is all with the back links and tags.

    Please PM me offer for this site. They will start at $700 (Don't forget you will make that money alone just with the advertising pretty much in a year or so, possibly alot more if tweaked.) This site is also a great site to push your own domains for traffic. It gets hit on around 20,000 times per day and just keeps on rising every month. Most of the traffic is from the "rate me tag on it"

    I will consider all offers, If I traded before with you or know you, I may sell it to you before somone with out TR. (Rememeber I am just taking offers, so dont get mad at me if I dont sell it to you at your price, I just want to get the best and smoothest transaction I can (Of Course the price matters.)

    THis site will be in a zip file and if you need help for installation, I may have to charge a little more for a developer to put it on your server. (Just please allow a few days to have the files tranfered to you, the name will be instant after I get payment)

    Just look at that graph, that is a dream to see it keep going up and up.
    I have recieved high xxx offers before and one x,xxx But I didnt know the person from Jack it was a random email. ALso if I get enough interest I may just have a small little private AUction here with the right price.
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    Still Taking offers for this great site.

    Right now it is on pace to gather More then 7,000 unique visitors this month from last month (Last month had 20,000 Uniques, plus the site was down for a day due to hosting, so the 7l uniques is based off of about 7 days.). So far since June first not including today it is up to 7,000 Uniques, 11,000 visitors, 18,000 Page views, 125,000 hits and used nearly a gig of bandwidth. It also has 42,000 [ages not viewed ana an additional 56,000 hits not viewed.

    This site just seems to be gaining about 3-5k uniques a month and shows no sign of quiting, infact it is expanding its Unique vistor marging by about 20%. Just imagine this site in a year from now.

    On my current admob with crapy clicks still makes about $400 a year. Jus timagine if it was tweaked or had some sponsors, the adult end seems to be very friendly with this site leaving its back link tags on, that is where most of the traffic is coming from and not just bots. I have not advertised this site at al and havent really but it in directories.

    So throw m a fricken bone here. All offers will be considered within reason. Like I said before it gets alot of traffic considering no real work has been involved. I am expecting x,xxx.

    I am also considering in throwing up ads on there if you are interested if I dont sell it. If I find enough time, I may advertize my self on the directory with a few SGM sites, I am sure it will pay out with about 800 uniqe visits a day.
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