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Thread: – Italy's biggest site for finding restaurants and making reservations

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    Thumbs up – Italy's biggest site for finding restaurants and making reservations
    : il ristorante si sceglie sul cellulare
    Andrea Danese

    Con si completa al meglio il progetto Yubuk, il più grande servizio oggi esistente in Italia per ricercare e prenotare ristoranti online. Da oggi, infatti, è possibile trovare agevolmente tutte le informazioni dei ristoranti (e anche degli hotel, agriturismi e b&b) presenti nella guida Yubuk anche con il proprio telefono cellulare.

    (With Yubuk – Italy biggest online site for finding restaurants and making reservations – is now mobile. Now you can find information on restaurants (as well as hotels, farm holidays and B&Bs)already in the Yubuk guide now on your mobile telephone.)

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    Very nice site, it's a must if visiting Italy.

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    Wow, great to hear Yubuk is now .mobi.

    Site looks good and there's so much potential for mobile bookings I can see this growing very quickly.

    Thanks for the sharing the news.
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    Those are important news for the Italian market. Some members having invested in Italian mobis including me wondered if there will be any push for the mobilenet in the future, while the stationary internet is still weak, regarding developped .it domains. will surely help.

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    i'll actually ream you for this Andres
    very nice find

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    Wow, beautiful site!

    This page with restaurant looks great.

    Thanks for the find!

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