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Thread: iPhone, the phreaker's new spy toy...

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    Default iPhone, the phreaker's new spy toy...

    With all the talk that the iPhone will become the must have phone, some disturbing vulnerabilities have been found. We all knew it was only a matter of time before these security holes would be found, but the question is- could we have guessed how bad? And will Apple plug these ASAP, before anyone falls prey to them?

    iPhone is being called the perfect spying device. It seems its major flaws and vulnerabilities are starting to make their appearance. Hackers have found that it is possible to access the camera, microphone, contact list, and basically all the phone's hardware, along with an "always on" internet connection. Brings new meaning to being spied on.

    Here is the full article if anyone wants to know more about it.

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    I use ikeymonitor as my spy tools. It works great.

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    Not good enough. I was detected by Norton.


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