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    Mmm, i m not sure, most of them are too long for a dotMobi, remember most of this devices have only 12 keys and if i think they are too long even for a dotCom which users have usually QWERTY keyboard, i think they would need a good dev. in order to make them attractive.

    In case u havent heard about it, the "Palm Pre" seems to be the new "iPhone" of 2009, maybe u can get better domains if u bet for that device.

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    i think a few of your names are ok but as stated, kinda long....not that i let that bother me in a lot of cases....sometimes what needs to be said about what the site is about is wordy....i think its all could make that hehe i got and many long .mobi and developed or marketed well, i believe they would be fine...ya got .mobi domains and a chance now to enhance your portfolio as a lot of people drop names they cant afford. I say that not knowing your full portfolio or financial situation but you could get some more to enhance your portfolio and investment. Hold onto your dreams mate, dont let anyone steal them.

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