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    Thumbs up University in Rome's mobile site + and


    This university in Rome has their .mobi site.
    The Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta, often simply abbreviated as "LUMSA" Read about this school on Wikipedia
    Promoted on their main site
    Million mobile users each month worldwide, browse the web through a mobile phone, consult the e-mail, share opinions and documents, make bank, you inform the public transport routes.

    Surfing the Web with a mobile phone requires the special attention in the implementation of websites, which require simple and fast in use, precisely suited to a mobile user and with a small screen.
    Lumsa Mobile is the first site of an Italian university, specially optimized for your phone. site is a "simplified" compared to that institution, already able to give students access to interactive applications useful to the academic life. LUMSA shaking with a stronger bond of communication with their students, facilitates the retrieval of information in mobility and / or absence of work-related.

    To access tax browser on your mobile.
    Good news for students registered LUMSA:
    @ LUMSA companies, interactive area for students and graduates LUMSA in which we publish offers of internships / placements and placement, is now also available in a mobile device on
    Use the same username and password to access "SERVICES STUDENTS 'LUMSA site.


    Find accommodations; for bikers on the road.

    Be moving around and find a hotel with your mobile phone is now possible.
    In practice you can navigate our site with your phone and search for a accommodations when on the street and away from your PC.
    The service is available on new phones that allow Internet connection.
    To test the service to connect your phone to:

    Read more in Italian here



    For night guide around Italy
    Find entertainment.

    What NGMobile?
    NGMobile is NightGuide Mobile, a special version of our portal, designed to be easily navigable and usable by all mobile phones and handhelds. This version of the site includes most of the functionality of traditional and easy access via the menu simple and clear, accessible from the keyboard of your phone.

    To join NGMobile?
    To join NightGuide Mobile simply type in the browser of your mobile phone address or normal address of our site, the system will recognize your phone and automatically shows you the mobile version.

    Read more in Italian here


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    Excellent finds, thanks domaintrix. rep'd
    The speed of light is faster than sound that's why some people appear bright until they open their mouths

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    Tks Newton!

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    That does it. Going back to Italy. Maybe for good.

    Someplace where the .mobi is widely used and accepted.

    A dopo! Ciao!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
    That does it. Going back to Italy. Maybe for good.
    No, we need to have you around in US of A Gerry!

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    Another nice find Trix! I hereby award you one of my prescious reps

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasdon View Post
    Another nice find Trix! I hereby award you one of my prescious reps
    Thanks Jas!

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