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Thread: Create your mobile website completely free of cost!!!"

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    Default Free mobile websites

    Any good? Anyone tried it ? I see there is the option to use your .mobi domain url.

    Using custom domain name

    All the mobile websites created using are hosted by the service and published at by default. However, if you own a domain name, such as, you can make your mobile site available at that URL.
    Your domain

    If you already own a domain name, then you may skip this section. If you don't have your very own domain name yet, then you must register one first. doesn't provide or register domain names, but there are hundreds of online services ready to assist you with that task.
    Tip: You only need a domain name. The hosting service is not required, because hosts all of its mobile websites.
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    Me want COOKIE!


    Looks interesting, at first glance, but I'll have to look closer later...

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    I never tried it, but would want access to my code. If they ever institute a monthly fee, you have to pay it or lose your site. It might be a good solution, though, you never know.

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    I just would like to add that whether mobile or desktop, don’t forget the fundamental rules for building any website. I really believe the approach for building websites has changed radically over the last few years. The economics look very different.

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    recently google started a free mobile website creation service just enter your website url here

    and it will convert your website into an mobile website, select the theme which you think is good for you, then once done, you can redirect your mobile visitors to this new domain which is hosted by google.

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    Chuc mung nam moi
    Cung nhau xay dung dien dan manh me hon trong nam nay the
    Tran trong cam on

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