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There are no other device specific extensions, but that's not what you were originally talking about, or at least that wasn't what you wrote, perhaps you implied it but I wasn't using my decoder ring. Regardless I stand by my earlier words, it is not a guarantee of profits, reg wisely.
Your right, i did mean device specific as a global extension.
I guess i wasnt real clear about it, but since you've known me here, when have i ever been lol....i do hope the fog will start to lift as i get further away from the medications i was on. I agree with you and will reg with all the wisdom i have lol (wisdom- the ability to put knowledge into action) its always been the greatest area of lack in my life. I was happy to find NIGERIAN.MOBI was available today as it was a name i accidently lost while in hospital. Thanks again, bless ya!
ps I'll try and be more concise and make my posts CLEARER.MOBI from now on