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Thread: MOBI on SEDO home page

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    Default MOBI on SEDO home page

    I went to check my account at sedo and a mobi blurb is on the home page...nice exposure.

    It's a button that takes you to the mobi auction still gets me looking at that list | |

    looking for a developer for as a mobile site and iphone app. contact me at geoowners.

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    just noticed it too..

    nice names on that list, but there is one that i want more than all...

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    Nice! Someone send that to Jeff lol
    The mobile internet is going to be HUGE.

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    Talking ...BUT did u NOTICE...

    The SEDO auction is most definitely exciting !!! Great to point it out. The dotMobi being "pumped up" is Good and Great for ALL in here, for sure We'll all be RICH one day !

    BUT did u NOTICE... ... September 26th is a "special date" emphasized...

    I know a lot of you say I SPAM IT too much...but did u NOTICE...C'mon...respect the DATE ! LIVES !!!
    "The Art of Mobile-Web Domains"

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    I have to say lol I DO admire your perseistence lol

    Well ya never know.. it might just turn out to be a hit!

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    whats intersting is is amongst them! It will be interesting watching this go up, as the numeric 3 could easily be mistaken for the 'word' three!-not on the top of my list personally!

    There are some beauties amongst them, for sure. I wish i had more $ to spend on .mobi's but i've spent my hard earned money. I'm gonna sit back now and watch the show from backstage!

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    .MOBI Auction – Get the Best that .MOBI Has to Offer!

    We are delighted to announce that beginning on September 26, 2007, a series of three auctions will be held on Sedo, showcasing premium .MOBI domains, which were not available to the public until this point. Each auction will showcase 100 of the best .MOBI domains. The first auction will begin on Wednesday, September 26, 2007, at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. Details for the following two auctions in late October and November will be announced soon. Don’t miss out on the mobile revolution in domain names!
    Follow this link to see which domains are being auctioned

    Happy bidding,
    Your Sedo team

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