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Thread: Encouraging signs from Google mobile search

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    Default Encouraging signs from Google mobile search

    I was recently testing mobile search on the Blackberry (8700), and was happy to see that it has changed its appearance for the better.
    Previously, to get 'mobile web' results you had to do a search, scroll through the 'web results' and then click on the 'mobile web' option at the bottom of the page.
    Now, when you perform a search, right at the top of the results page are the following options - "web, local, images, mobile". Without any scrolling you can just click on 'mobile' and be presented with the mobile results. Not only is this more convenient for those who already knew about the 'mobile web' option, the new prominent position also makes everyone else aware that the 'mobile' option exists, which is definitely good news for anyone promoting mobile content.
    Up to now I have only tested this on the Blackberry, but I imagine this is also the case on other devices - maybe you can test it on your own device and report back your findings to this thread.
    I did test on the iPhone, and unfortunately there is no 'mobile web' option anywhere - I'm sure this will change in time.

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    We can do mobile searching but sometimes it takes a long time.

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