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Thread: I got a .mobi name, now what do I do?

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    Default I got a .mobi name, now what do I do?

    Question: I got a .mobi name, now what do I do?

    Answer: Develop it!

    There are plenty of ways to develop your .mobi name. One way is to use mTLD's free sitebuilding tool at which is a free service. This is great for beginners and also for advanced designers in a hurry.

    If you are pretty good at html and css, you might want to work from a developer guide or template, which can be found at under the "tools" menu.

    There are great developer resources on, too, at

    If none of the above sound good, you can meet a developer right here at this forum:

    Enjoy, and let us know what you build!


    Disclaimer: Due diligence is your responsiblity. is a forum and the above are for your information only and are not an endorsement. Neither nor its moderators or members will be legally responsible for arrangements made with third parties.
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    bumped for noobs

    well worth reading the 91 page document for developers at too
    doesn't take long, about 15 minutes


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