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Thread: Bank of America Launches New Mobile Campaign

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    Default Bank of America Launches New Mobile Campaign

    Bank of America to push mobile in new ad campaign

    By Mickey Alam Khan
    May 16, 2008
    Mobile's in the mix

    Bank of America has inaugurated the next phase of its Bank of Opportunity advertising campaign which will push mobile as one of the options available to consumers.

    The campaign includes a series of new television commercials that promote the Charlotte, NC-based bank’s savings products in a time of economic uncertainty. BBDO New York handles the account.

    “The current spots that are out there [focus on how] to create opportunities for consumers to navigate challenging economic times by getting back to basics with these products,” said Joe Goode, Boston-based senior vice president of national media relations at Bank of America.

    Mobile banking will be promoted as one of the alternatives for consumers with ads on TV and radio as well as print and online. The mobile-focused ads are currently work in progress and will launch soon.

    Bank of America has more than 930,000 customers for its mobile banking services and is one of leaders in the space.

    “Today’s busy, on-the-go consumer is seeking solutions that help them to build a strong financial foundation,” Mr. Goode said.
    “Our new campaign will highlight Bank of America’s mobile banking service that responds to evolving customer behavior, preferences and trends,” he said.

    Of the two commercials that have begun airing nationwide, one 30-second spot highlights classic American symbols saved or collected by consumers, including plastic bottles, the bald eagle, redwood trees, national parks and old tractors.

    Using that analogy, the spot emphasizes how consumers can save money through its Risk Free CD, new Select Money Market Savings account and the Keep the Change savings program.

    Another commercial of the same length asks the question, “Who says it’s okay to leave change sitting around?” This spot pushes the bank’s Keep the Change savings program, showcasing how loose change can add up.
    Bank of America customers are said to have saved more than $1 billion since the Keep the Change savings program kicked off a couple of years ago.

    The bank will feature ads on affinity products allied with NASCAR, the U.S. Olympic Team and Major League Baseball.

    Another integrated push will promote mobile banking services.

    Mr. Goode could not disclose the creative direction of the mobile spotlight.
    “We want to be a destination for consumers for whatever solutions they need to manage their financial lives, whether on the go with mobile or online,” Mr. Goode said.

    Commercials air on broadcast networks and national cable channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, HGTV, TLC and Discovery Channel. The buys are slated for primetime and sports programming such as “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “NCIS” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

    The current campaign runs through September.
    “As Americans we save everything,” Mr. Goode said. “This campaign is designed to inspire Americans to save money.”


    Usage of the Bank of America mobile service skews heavily in metropolitan areas. The top 10 cities for Bank of America’s mobile banking service are, in descending order, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, Dallas, New York, Houston, Phoenix, Boston, Miami and Anaheim, CA.
    The bank claims that the frequency of use by active users increases each month, with more than 4 million mobile banking customer sessions in May.

    An analysis of the usage patterns shows that almost all customers use the mobile banking service to see account balances and eight in 10 to review transactions. Four in 10 use their mobile phones to move money or pay bills.

    Two-thirds of the mobile banking users are customers under 35 and four out of five are under 45, thus proving that Generations X and Y are embracing mobile banking as much as they have the mobile Web.

    Customers access the Bank of America mobile banking service by visiting on the phone’s browser. They enter their online banking ID and pass code to access the accounts.

    The Apple iPhone, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and devices with Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile operating system are the most favored by the bank’s mobile customers.

    Bank of America said it uses the SiteKey security service and offers the Zero Liability Online Banking Guarantee to ensure that its mobile banking transactions are safe and secure.

    Editor in Chief Mickey Alam Khan covers advertising agencies, associations, research, and column submissions. Reach him at [email protected].
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    wow! Great
    then, bofa.mob redirected to on pc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobitime View Post
    wow! Great
    then, bofa.mob redirected to on pc.
    Honestly I think this is irrelevant. It's easy to fixate on this but doesn't take into account the internal IT issues that likely exist related to the URL.

    What is most significant is the branding, essentially saying "visit on your phone." It's not clear if this message will be broadcast, will be fantastic exposure for .mobi if it is.

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    Do you think we'll be seeing this olympic kayaker commercial run anytime soon before the games begin. Would be nice.

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    It seems good timing now that apple have released their new iphone, many will want to browse on their new phones, hopefully some banking too! Thanks for posting this!

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