Please excuse me for writing this post in English. I do not write or speak in Italian, but I found this post on and thought someone might be interested:

"Do you know of a company with an Italy or travel related product who may want to partner with my company, Dream of Italy, for our holiday gift subscription promotion?

You provide us a set number of units to package with our subscriptions and we provide publicity for your product including at least two ads in The New Yorker magazine. In 2004, our holiday gift subscription giveaway was the DVD set of "La Dolce Vita" and the deal got prime placement in USA TODAY'S Travel Section resulting in great publicity for DOI and Koch entertainment who partnered with us.

This year we're most interested in partnering with a company that produces Italian language learning CDs but we're open to any other ideas - Italy travel books, gift certificates for travel, etc. The product must have a value of at least $25.

Kathy McCabe
Dream of Italy
[email protected]

Thank you and good luck.