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Thread: More Mobi's on Berry Review...and more of mine!

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    Default More Mobi's on Berry Review...and more of mine!

    Yesterday I reported on finding my iCPR in a listing on Google that I had no idea where it directed to.

    Seems to be quite a popular site for the BlackBerry phone called Berry Review.

    So I decided to do some more searching by checking the site out and seeing if there were more mentioned and indeed there were, including another one of mine. - Entertain Your Kids With Your BlackBerry - Figure Out How To Mix Drinks - Daily Sudoko in Your Browser (by yours truly)

    June 18th, 2008 by Ronen Halevy

    While I would personally recommend the free Magmic Sudoko on, this is a fun alternative. It actually works pretty well just by entering in the numbers in each box. It even checks your answers with a submit button.
    The game offers multiple levels of difficulty that get really hard. I couldn’t get past medium. (Yes, I know I suck.)

    Check it out at Thanks for the second tip, Pablo!

    GasFoodLodging.Mobi - Find It All Easily By Zip Code - Your Mobile Guide To CPR - Find Song Lyrics From Your BlackBerry - Add Directions To Your Mobile Website - Free Jokes From Your BlackBerry Browser

    When It Comes To Haircuts A Picture Is Worth (big number) Words

    Seems to me there is alot of talent on this forum and others taking notice.

    Great going all!

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    Red face ^^

    ll, nice to join This forum ^^

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    thanks : Biggrin:: Biggrin:: Biggrin:

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