I have made an application in windows mobile 6.5 which will retrieve Latitude and Longitude of the current device location. I have used gpsapi.dll provided by Microsoft with managed C# wrapper and my device is Motorola MC 65. So it has inbuilt GPS Intermediate Driver(I am using only internal GPS receiver). I have implemented it 4-5 months and then it was working . But currently it is not working. Either it is returning Lat / long 0 or providing a lat long which is far away from my current location.
I have tried to run the sample code from
Facing same problem with the sample application too.
I have also tried the following but unable to solve the issue :
1. Using Sleep()
protected void gps_LocationChanged(object sender, LocationChangedEventArgs args)

if (args == null)

position = args.Position;

// call the UpdateData method via the updateDataHandler so that we
// update the UI on the UI thread

2. Reset device and "Reset GPS Hardware" in GPS assistance.
3. My device is always in Unlock mode.
4. Tried outside with clear sky.
5. Phone radio is on and SIM card has network.
Let me know if any other information needed.
Any help will be appreciated.