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Thread: problems with written text on mobisitegalore!

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    Default problems with written text on mobisitegalore!

    Att Mobisitegalore

    my photo site, has been having problems with written text througout my site

    I viewed my site on most browsers incl: Opera, Firefox, Netscape i see some of the text joined together. please click on:
    note: some words have no spacing!

    Going into mobisitegalore using username and password then bringing up the same page reveals I have no problems with spacing at all!

    Could someone at mobisitegalore please have a look and tell me how this is caused?

    Sincerely Yours

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    The page had more than 10 line space free at the end of the para. We have removed free lines, submitted the page in editor and then published the site. Now the page shows properly with correct spaces. Please get back to us if the problem persists so that we can analyze it further and help you better.
    Also feel free to visit

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    We have corrected them too.

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