I have a number of Motorola MC65 devices running Windows CE 6.5.3 Pro. They are running some custom software that manages the scanning and uploads files to a network share. These devices are on numerous remote sites so I am not able to see them physically.
Yesterday devices on one site stopped transferring their files although they still have connection to the network. I talked them through checking the log in the application and it was reporting "Error 53" when trying to copy the files to the network share.
I grabbed a spare unit in the office and found my test device is doing the same thing, which is good from a testing point of view. Strange thing is I have quite a few devices still out there working fine and they are all setup the same. Same software revision, same device firmware and same credentials to connect to the share.
I have tested to see if the device can resolve the server name and it can.
I have ping tested from the device to the server and it responds ok.
I have tried to "Open Path" in file explorer to the share (and other shares) using name and IP. These all fail with network path cannot be found.
I have been told that no network changes have been made.
Scratching my head now hoping somebody else might have encountered this at some point in the past.