Hello Community:
BTW ... I'm not sure how to reach Microsoft so hopefully someone will read this from Msft?!?!?!?!?
I am perhaps one of the few .NET developers who is still developing for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 / CE 4/5/6/7! We chose the .NET platform back in 2008 because we were able to share code across platforms and all things were good until you dead-ended us with Phone 7. Now you may say that we need to move on BUT we cannot because these operating systems are still VERY relevant in the data collection industry (i.e. Barcode scanning mobile devices such as Intermec, Motorola, Zebra, Symbol, etc). While these devices used to be a small portion of the Microsoft mobile market, I would argue that today they are the MAJORITY of Microsoft's mobile business!
We have moved our development boxes forward to Windows 10 with pretty good results EXCEPT that we must maintain our .NET development environment for the WEH 6.5.3 and CE devices and this requires us to utilize VS2008 and Windows Mobile Device Center. The Creativity updates are disabling Windows Mobile Device Center and erasing the .NET35 Csharp Targets files!!! This is causing 2 huge issues:
1. We cannot open .NET35 projects in VS2008
2. We cannot connect to our devices and debug them since Windows Mobile Device Center will not fire up!
I am begging you to PLEASE PUT SOME TYPE OF PERMANENT FIX to this issue! My fear is that eventually one of your updates will TOTALLY disable us from developing on the platforms and maintaining our existing code. While we know Android is coming in big time, there are still HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of these devices that are not going away for years!!!!
Thanks in advance to ANYONE at Microsoft who will read this and help ... hopefully?!?!?!?!?
Worried Loyal .NET Mobile Developer!