Hi guys, I am pretty sure this is in the right place. Let me know if not.

OS: WIN 10 Enterprise Build 1607
Scanner OS: CE OS 5.2.29315

I have a Motorola MC9190-G scanner and we currently use Windows Mobile Device Center to administer these devices. Which works just fine. Here in a few months I am going to be unable to use WMDC due to security issues and therefore I need a way to get into the file store on the device. I have tried many ways to pull up the device onto windows 10 and I have had no success without installing some form of WMDC. Please let me know if anyone has some form of an alternative to using WMDC. Any tips will be helpful.
Just for clarification, I don't need the fix for the 1709 update. I need a way to get into the scanner/s file store without WMDC.