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Thread: Pecado.Mobi De Venta

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    Default Pecado.Mobi De Venta

    Quisiera saber que piensan de Pecado.Mobi y cuanto puede ser su valor. Tambien si desean pueden hacer sus comentarios visitando mi blog;

    La razon es porque una persona esta ofreciendo me : 600 Euro

    Pero por el momento mis dominios los quiero mantener y talvez crear un sitio para cada uno de ellos en le futuro. Tengo tanto dominios que sera imposible lograr esta meta y tendre que vender muchos de ellos. Pero creo que el tiempo de vender dominios mobi no esta todavia.

    So, que creen de la oferta que me dan?

    Here is an update for this post -

    We finally agreed on a pricetag for (Sin) and is no longer under my care. It was a lot more than the 600 Euro this person offered me at the beginning. It would be interesting to see what will become of this domain, but I will be wachting its development.

    I normally offer one of my domains at wholesale price to anyone during the year (One or two times a year) and is the only .mobi that I will offer at this price for this year. I really think it is a great domain and with great potential and I hate to sacrifice it, but it is life and we have to move on.

    Now, he/she needs to buy the customers from me - to make it a complete package.

    Buying domains is like hunting for me and once I find one I normally keep it for me just because I fall in love with it. But I also understand that other people are dying to be the owner of some my domains and fits perfectly with their projects and are willing to go the extra mile to prove that they really want to buy it from me.

    Keep on eye for the next special promotion that I will be offering this year!!!
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    No puedo decir el valor exacto , pero espero que esta informacion de ventas se pueden ayudarte.

    nombres con seis letres, sin numeros. $256 2008-05-26 $60 2008-05-26 $565 2008-05-23 $1,660 2008-05-17 $300 2008-05-07 $1,000 2008-05-05 $140 2008-04-29 $70 2008-04-25 $60 2008-04-22 $100 2008-04-07 $3,500 2008-04-02 $660 2008-03-31 $237 2008-03-31 $332 2008-03-26 $1,000 2008-03-13 $768 2008-03-12 $91 2008-02-29 $2,272 2008-02-28
    gohome.mob i$1,490 2008-02-19 $87 2008-02-18 $175 2008-02-13 $204 2008-02-05 $3,401 2008-01-24 $95 2008-01-23 $60 2007-12-06

    Esto es del sitio

    Buena suerte!

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    No mas queria avisarles que este dominio fue vendido en esta semana.

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