Hello everyone,

I'm getting a little desperate with this issue. My first ever application SMS HUB https://appworld.blackberry.com/webs...tent/27344735/ is continously getting denied with the following reasons:

"- I am testing your app on the BlackBerry 10 devices. Please note that BlackBerry World does not accept applications with intense, frequent or graphic sexual content. Please remove sexual content inside the app.
At first this was a simple problem, all I did was remove a slightly sexual cartoon background image I had in one of the screens and it got accepted. However recently, I tried submitting another update and it was denied for the same reason.

I tried completely removing the "Pornographic sms" category, but it still got denied
I tried removing all background images, but it's still denied
Even went to my database to delete all explicit SMS texts that might have been added by users just in case BlackBerry review team magically can view them but that has not helped either.

I'm a little angry because earlier on around last year, the email would include details of what caused the denial for example: "The image found in the Pornographic SMS category does not follow our rules".

But now, I simply get a general reply

I'm quite sure there's no explicit content on the App now so...