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    Hi, nice to have you here!!

    Hi, nice to have you here!!
  2. Mobile Space Limited & Sponsormob moving forward!

    Having been in the Mobile Advertising space since 2006, we have seen the industry change, grow and develop into an advanced Marketing channel for Advertisers both on a performance and branding ...
  3. So, last week was Dmexco and this year it was a...

    So, last week was Dmexco and this year it was a great event ... please visit our blog if you'd like to read more of Sponsormob's impressions of what is the biggest digital marketing event in Europe....
  4. No problem, will you be going to Dmexco?

    No problem, will you be going to Dmexco?
  5. Dmexco dates

    Hi Aaron,

    September 12-13, 2012.

    Here's the link to the details - Dmexco 2012.

  6. Not only mobile, but a massive digital marketing event is coming up - Dmexco

    One of the largest digital marketing events, Dmexco, is coming up in Cologne, Germany, September 12-13. The event has exhibitors varying from agencies, networks, gaming, affiliates, social, and...
  7. US to surpass Japan in mobile ad spend this year

    Interestingly, Japan has been leading the world in mobile advertising spend, as their mobile ad market is very mature. However, an article just published by eMarketer shows that this year, the United...
  8. Sure Aaren :)

    Sure Aaren :)
  9. The latest in mobile advertising - talking wth Sponsormob's Director of Business Development

    As part of our Sponsormob University video series on mobile advertising and mobile affiliate marketing, we recently chatted with Heiko Kasper, Director of Business Development, about current...
  10. New study shows half of US adults are on the mobile internet

    A recent study by the Pew Research Center shows that half of all adults in the United States are online via their mobile phones at some point or another. More details can be found on our blog and in...
  11. Just as an update, the Buzzness Mobile event in...

    Just as an update, the Buzzness Mobile event in Paris ended up being good this year as well. It is still not massive, but the exhibition was great and there were several mobile advertising companies...
  12. Just as an update, we've produced a short video...

    Just as an update, we've produced a short video showing how Call-Back works on mobile. Check out the demo on the Sponsormob YouTube channel to see how the advertising channel works.

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    We also think there is a lot of potential with...

    We also think there is a lot of potential with Click-to-Call (obviously!) and that it will continue to grow ... The types of ads that seem to work well are financial/legal services, entertainment,...
  14. How Real-Time-Bidding on Mobile Works

    Hi all,

    Real-Time-Bidding (RTB), technology used on the internet for some time, is now being used to provide highly optimized, targeted advertising on mobile in a nearly automated way. If you've...
  15. Sponsormob Launches New Service to Help Mobile Advertisers Convert Impressions to Leads

    We - Sponsormob - are launching a new service aimed at converting simple impressions into prequalified leads for mobile advertisers. The new service, known as “Call-Back,” allows mobile advertisers...
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    Good to hear, Diamond! I'm curious, what sort...

    Good to hear, Diamond!

    I'm curious, what sort of ads have you used Click-to-Call with?
  17. Hello back from Berlin :)

    Hi Ken,

    I think you are right about the posts, it does seem that a lot of people read but never respond ... Such is life! So what is it you do in/with mobile?

  18. Mobile Marketing Tips on YouTube from Sponsormob


    Our company has launched a series on mobile advertising and mobile affiliate marketing on YouTube. We post simple, weekly lessons for affiliates getting started in mobile, as well as for...
  19. Apple's tracking changes and the response of mobile advertising providers

    Apple recently banned the use of UDIDs to track apps in the App Store, due to privacy issues with that method of tracking and the potential misuse of private information (details on what UDID...
  20. Thanks, we think it was a great choice too!

    Thanks, we think it was a great choice too!
  21. Germany-based Sponsormob opens US sales office in Austin, Texas

    Hi everyone,

    Last week our company - Sponsormob, a mobile advertising provider based in Berlin - opened a new sales office in Austin, Texas. We have had a presence in the US mobile market since...
  22. Getting started in mobile affiliate marketing - tips for newbies


    If you are new to mobile affiliate marketing and want information on how to get started with mobile campaigns, our company is posting weekly lessons on mobile affiliate marketing on the...
  23. Great infographic on mobile use in the US - and proof of how impatient people can be ;)

    A recent infographic shows just how important fast-loading pages are on both the mobile web and on the internet ... anyone in E-commerce or mobile marketing should take a look at it because the...
  24. Good mobile event in Paris coming up in April - Buzzness Mobile

    Buzzness Mobile, a conference and exhibition for mobile marketing, mobile commerce, and mobile payments is coming up the beginning of April in Paris and is worth checking out. It takes place April...
  25. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - coming up next week!

    One of the largest - and perhaps the largest here in Europe - events for the mobile industry is happening next week in Barcelona ... the Mobile World Congress.

    The event is a conference, trade...
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    Hi Steven, Nice to meet you! What sort of...

    Hi Steven,

    Nice to meet you! What sort of apps have you guys launched?

  27. Sponsormob Expands Mobile Advertising Solutions with Real-Time-Bidding


    We have just changed our slogan and company website to reflect the recent addition of Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) and the expansion of our advertising solutions for mobile. With RTB we are able...
  28. Update on our experience at Apps World ... we had...

    Update on our experience at Apps World ... we had a GREAT time and it was a very successful event. The first day was relatively slow, but the second day picked up significantly. In addition to a...
  29. Apps World Europe in London next week


    Will anyone here be at Apps World in London? It's an event for app developers and marketers taking place November 29-30 and Olympia Hall.

    Our company, Sponsormob, will be there exhibiting...
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    Sponsormob stellt ein!

    Sponsormob ist ein internationales mobiles Performance-Netzwerk mit Hauptsitz in Berlin. Wir suchen neue Mitarbeiter die Interesse an und Erfahrung im Bereich Mobile Marketing haben. Weitere Infos...
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    Not so sure how much poetry you'll find here, but...

    Not so sure how much poetry you'll find here, but you'll definitely here a lot about all things mobile!

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    Mobile Click-to-Call

    Click-to-Call is looking like it's going to be a very popular way to advertise on mobile. With click-to-call, users are able to click on an icon or text link within an ad on their mobile device and...
  33. Romania

    Sure thing, but I'll be sure to leave my lap top at home when visiting such a place. ;)
  34. Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit - another new event


    In less than two weeks I will be visiting Bucharest, Romania for the first time for the Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit. Is anyone familiar with this event? We have Mobile...
  35. Will mobile display ads take over advertising?

    We all know that mobile is growing, but just how fast? A report published by Flurry shows that in-app mobile advertising inventory is set to take over the entire online display ad spend by the end of...
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    Thanks for posting, this list is interesting and...

    Thanks for posting, this list is interesting and helpful!

  37. Mobile usage differences between men and women

    Inner-active blog posted a great infographic this week on mobile usage among men and women. The findings are pretty interesting, showing OS and device preference, CTR, and the most popular app...
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    Hi again Antonis, Could you resend your email...

    Hi again Antonis,

    Could you resend your email to Joe? It was accidentally deleted. Sorry for the hassle!

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    Hi Antonis, We might be someone you can...

    Hi Antonis,

    We might be someone you can partner with to advertise your app. We are a CPA network for mobile and work with app developers to help them market their apps. Our Business Development...
  40. Yes, mobile websites definitely. What sort of...

    Yes, mobile websites definitely. What sort of theory are you working on?

  41. Apps will play an even bigger role in the future

    This may be a bit of a no-brainer, but app usage won't be slowing down any time soon ... Mobile Marketer's State of Mobile Advertising 2011 recently came out and shows that app usage and app revenues...
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    So what is GameHouse? Talya Sponsormob ...

    So what is GameHouse?

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    Hi Waterviolet, A good place to get more...

    Hi Waterviolet,

    A good place to get more information on blogging is Darren Rowse's site Problogger. Are you familiar with it? It has some great tips on starting and maintaining a blog.

    Talya ...
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    Hi markscott, Good to meet you! So how are...

    Hi markscott,

    Good to meet you! So how are you connected to mobile?

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    Trends in shopping on mobile

    Read an interesting article this week in Mobile Commerce Daily about trends in shopping via mobile devices. Apparently half of mobile users make at least one purchase a month via their mobile phones....
  46. Definitely! Get in touch with us if you have any...

    Definitely! Get in touch with us if you have any questions ...

    Best regards,
    Talya Shoup Burnett
  47. Sponsormob improves its Affiliate payment plan

    We have recently updated our Affiliate payment plan so that affiliates in the Sponsormob network can now receive payments three times monthly. We are excited to make this possible for affiliates and...
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    Mobile payments

    Starbucks just launched a mobile payment system for Android this week. It seems that more and more companies are offering ways for customers to pay for their purchases with the mobile phones. Is it...
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    This week's mobile events

    We were on the road quite a lot this week. Our CEO, Peter Glaeser, spoke at DOMAINfest Europe in Barcelona. The event was great, despite horrible weather and the fact that the big domain auction (a...
  50. DOMAINfest Europe and Buzzness Mobile

    Our company will be at two different events next week - DOMAINfest Europe in Barcelona and Buzzness Mobile in Paris. Our CEO, Peter Glaeser, will be speaking on mobile, social, and affiliate revenue...
  51. ad:Tech New York

    I really like your networks name, very nice! Will you be at ad:tech New York in November as well?

    Talya Shoup Burnett
    PR Manager
  52. Mobile CPA network Sponsormob hires US-based Business Development Manager

    We at Sponsormob are pleased to announce Joe Niederberger as our new North America Business Development Manager. He will be based in San Francisco, CA and will be responsible for growing and managing...
  53. position

    Well, then she is also welcome to contact us!
  54. our position

    If he is qualified and interested, tell him to get in touch with us!
  55. Mobile CPA network Sponsormob Hiring US-based Business Development Manager


    Sponsormob, a CPA network for mobile, is looking for a Business Development Manager to strengthen our North American market. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with proven sales...
  56. networking event list

    Yes, that's the one I was referring to. I found it to be very helpful and comprehensive. Hope it helped you as well!
  57. Social networking events

    I found this a of 100 upcoming social media and tech events a website called Mashable dot com. It was a very comprehensive list. (I would post the link, but am not allowed to at the moment!)

  58. Reminder: Sponsormob and InMobi Special Offer for affiliates to run until March 31


    As a reminder to affiliates, the Get More Affiliate Rewards Program will run until the 31st of March. Program details are below:

    InMobi and Sponsormob have partnered together to...
  59. interesting top ten list!


    This is an interesting list, one we just discussed on our company's recent podcast on as well. I think your point about mobile coupons becoming more relevant is definitely true....
  60. ad:tech San Francisco 2011 - anyone going?


    I know ad:tech isn't strictly a mobile event, but there seems to be a growing number of mobile companies there. We exhibited at ad:tech 2010 in San Francisco and were very well received, and I...
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    Hello to you as well!

    This does seem like a good forum, although I am fairly new here as well. But so far so good!

    Talya Shoup Burnett
    PR Manager
  62. Partnership between InMobi and Sponsormob and special offer for Affiliates!

    InMobi and Sponsormob have partnered together to provide Sponsormob users with a unique opportunity. With every transaction made by affiliates of Sponsormob, InMobi will add an additional bonus...
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    Greetings from Berlin, Germany!


    I just discovered this forum while reading my Google alerts. Somehow I had missed this forum, but it looks interesting.

    Anyhow, about me, my name is Talya and I am in charge of...
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