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  1. Thanks for your reply Aaren but i find your...

    Thanks for your reply Aaren but i find your comment completely useless.
    Please people, reply properly.
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    I dati parlano chiaro: il 60% delle ricerche di attivitą come agriturismi, ristoranti, hotel, pub e locali, soprattutto nella propria zona di residenza, vengono effettuate tramite smartphone.
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  5. Hi guys, I said that is a powerful tool because...

    Hi guys, I said that is a powerful tool because it allows you to have a complete mobile website, already optimized for more than 5000 mobile devices, its templates are fully customizables, you don't...
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    Hi and have a good business! ^_^

    Hi everybody! Mi name's Flavio and I'm from Italy.
    I hope to be useful and to establish good connection!
    I work for an company which creates mobile solutions from 2002 and provides the best way to...
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