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  1. Sticky: UK Mobile Numbers for inbound SMS are live with Nexmo

    Hi guys,

    Here is a follow-up on your request. UK Mobile Numbers (07xxx) are now available from Nexmo at 0.5 EUR per month.

  2. Sticky: And Oh, now we added a small explanation on the...

    And Oh, now we added a small explanation on the ratios we measure on the Quality Of Delivery pages.

    Let me know feedback!
  3. Sticky: Get it on the Nexmo blog?

    Andy that is pretty amazing!

    Would you care about a guest blog entry on the Nexmo blog? We could announce your simple auto-responder lib

    Also, I think it would be very helpful for other...
  4. Sticky: Getting started with Nexmo

    Agree with your opinion on what we should display and not. But the guys here at Nexmo are obsessed with transparency and prefers to set expectations low. I've asked them to add more info on how to...
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