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    Use of SMS text to complement site

    I'm wanting to be able to have site visitors to sign-up for some type of SMS text service whereby I can send text updates of 'news' to them.

    I could probably do this via Twitter & Facebook, but as...
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    Content Agregators sought

    I'm seeking suggestions of Content Aggregators people have used - and their comments on their experiences with them.

    I've an information site called Today's Creators - famous people born on this...
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    Mobile Usability

    A new article by usability researcher Jakob Nielsen on Mobile Usability can be seen at -

    If you have a prospective client that needs to be...
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    <a href="sms:?body=Check out Today's Creators - a daily bulletin celebrating those that have created the things we love."> <b>Share Today's...
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    OK - maybe it's a start. Can you give me the...

    OK - maybe it's a start.
    Can you give me the name of the script, or even the URL ?

    David Berghouse.
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    SMS to URL message

    I want to put a facility on my site to enable a SMS text message containing the site URL to be sent the readers phone number.

    I envisage a form, where they type their mobile phone number and a...
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    re: PayForIt intermediaries

    Yes, thanks for these tips.

    I've looked through the PayForIt site and a couple of their suggested intermediaries, like mblox.
    In essence, it appears to me that these sites seem to basically be...
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    Site access debited to phone account

    I would like to be able to charge a small fee for access to a mobile site on a per session basis and have the charge debited to the user's phone account.

    I know this can be done through an...
  9. The site is running on an Apache server, Linux...

    The site is running on an Apache server, Linux operating system. There is a Password system available in the cPanel, however it requires manual entry on my part and I cannot stipulate an expiry date....
  10. Automated password protection for a directory

    I'm wanting to offer my eBook buyers access (by phone, PDA) to info. in a password protected directory on my site for 3 months (as a bonus).

    Yes, I can do this manually through cPanel.
    But, that...
  11. How can I automate an On-this-Day page ?

    I would like to be able to present an on-this-day feature for users of the mobile web - displaying the information for 'todays' date each day. At present I'm doing this using static HTML pages...
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