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    18,066 - the best mobile site builder

    Rest through the posts here and want to add another service/platform here for consideration - Qfuse - www dot qfuse .com It's a free mobile website generator which also provides QR Code generation to...
  2. Qfuse platform - a decent mobile builder/CMS and QR Code Solution

    RE: Qfuse dot com

    If I may be so bold, allow me to toss my hat into the ring and list a mobile builder/CMS which I think rises above the rest I've tried. Much more "web 2.0" than all the...
  3. mobi only?

    Sorry if this question is stupid - but does a site have to be a .mobi to be considered? Would an or website/m/ not be eligible?
  4. mobi of the month

    I'm fairly new to this forum. Where can I find past submissions for mobi of the month? I'm looking forward to seeing what other winners have been.
  5. hi

    Hi Frisbee. Looking forward to seeing your posts.
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    Hello, Bana. I look forward to seeing your posts through the forum.
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    glad to join

    Hey folks,

    New the this forum. Seems like a great place to share and post ideas and exchange links/tools. I look forward to participating. The only annoying thing I've found so far is this damn...
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