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Forum Rules

This is a public forum provided at no cost. Registered users will be expected to honor the following:
  • is a forum for .mobi enthusiasts to network and share news, information and ideas pertinent to the development and growth of the .mobi TLD. This forum is for building .mobi, not tearing it down.

  • Be courteous to other members. Profanity, obscenities, threats and/or illegal comments will not be tolerated. This applies to all content including posts, images, signatures, avatars, PM's etc. Sexually explicit topics must be relegated to the Adult section.

  • No affiliate advertising is permitted by registered users.

  • Signatures must be no more than 3 rows of normal-sized text or 1 image with 1 row of normal-sized text. The image can only be of a .mobi site logo and a maximum of 40 pixels tall by 200 pixels wide. No animations.

  • Your account is non transferable and users can have only one account. If you want to change your username, please contact a moderator.

  • Users are allowed one marketplace thread per day and no more than 3 per week. Excessive bumped threads will be closed at moderators discretion. Only post in a marketplace thread if you have specific questions about the listed item or are responding to the offer. Marketplace threads are not for appraisal or discussion. We do not allow the sale of Trademarked domains or domains that could be perceived to be related in any way to Child Pornography.

  • Do not spam threads with useless or redundant comments. Do not spam other users via PM with unsolicited offers, advertising or any banned content previously described.

  • ALL discussions of a mature or adult nature are to be posted in the Adult Section. You can gain access to the Adult Section by joining the Adult Usergroup.

  • If you don't honor these rules, site administration can terminate your account at their sole discretion. These rules are subject to being updated at any time.

In short, don't do anything your mom would disapprove of and enjoy your stay.

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