View Full Version : Mobility Tags

Andres Kello
04-26-2008, 03:36 PM
You might see some of these Tags underneath certain users' usernames. Here's what they mean:

http://sac.mobi/images/admintag4.gif= Administrator

http://sac.mobi/images/modtag4.gif= Moderator

http://sac.mobi/images/magtag4.gif= Member of the Mobility Chapter (http://mobility.mobi/showthread.php?t=2206) of the dotMobi Advisory Group
http://sac.mobi/images/devtag4.gif= Professional Developer for Hire

http://sac.mobi/images/motmtag4.gif= Winner of the Mobility .mobi of the month (http://mobility.mobi/showthread.php?t=4390) award.