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04-10-2008, 03:34 AM
This was originally an answer I gave to robertusky in chat but he left and I didn't want him to miss it. If you have used Site.mobi and uploaded and I am missing something, please feel free to jump in and add to it. Sorry for the cut and paste but I really don't want to redo this:

07:29 PM <coast> I believe there is an export option on site.mobi
07:29 PM <coast> make sure you have all the files - all the pages and images
07:29 PM <coast> then if you only have godaddy free hosting, be sure to use the godaddy paid hosting instead or try hostgator, bluehost, jaguarpc, mediatemple.net or something like that
07:30 PM <coast> because godaddy free hosting has mandatory advertising code that is not mobi compliant
07:30 PM <coast> and your site will fail at ready.mobi and not be visible on all phones
07:30 PM <coast> you will ftp the files to whatever the public html file folder is for your host
07:30 PM <coast> if you don't know which one that is, call customer support because they are all different
07:30 PM <coast> also, customer support at your hosting company should be able to walk you through ftp
07:31 PM <coast> you will have an easier time if you use an ftp software program
07:31 PM <coast> free ones include filezilla, and there is a free trial for cuteftp which a lot of people like
07:31 PM <coast> if you have a mac, cyberduck is always free and is good as well
07:31 PM <coast> hope this helps
07:32 PM <coast> if you run into trouble, don't let customer support make you feel dumb
07:32 PM <coast> everyone is new at some point, and soon it will be second nature
07:32 PM <coast> keep them on the phone until you understand it completely
07:32 PM <coast> good luck!

Work In Progress
04-11-2008, 05:36 PM
Although I have not used site.mobi, as I understand it, it's "powered by" mobisitegalore and looks to be the exact same thing. just under the site.mobi name.

If it's the same as MSG, then the FTP process is automated. You simply provide them with your details.
You're correct in the GoDaddy free hosting. He / she will have to go a paid hosting route, but hosting is pretty cheap. MSG even offers a first 3 months free hosting option if you don't have one yet. Not sure if site does this though..:dontknow: