View Full Version : Does anything jump out at you?

01-30-2008, 01:19 PM

Have a look at my portfolio, if you fancy getting stuck into one or more of the names as a project I'm happy to discuss options; I can arrange to pay on a fee basis (if I like your proposal) or do a JV if you want to have more say in the development or if you have something you want to do on your own; we can negotiate a sale in advance, you can 'borrow' the domain & pay me when it's working out for you... if it falls on it's **** I won't ask you to complete the purchase (I will obviously need to approve of the project because I don't want the names committed unless I can see what you can see... if you know what I mean :coo2l:

If there are non-profit uses that may be good for cross promotion & PR please bounce ideas off me; I don't do everything for money, despite what I say from time to time!