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06-15-2011, 04:17 AM
PPT has been more and more popular in our daily life. We use it to do a work report, teaching materials, make albums and so on. Today, I will introduce you many PPT skills which would be helpful for making PPT.
1. Make a content abstract by using key combinations
When we make a demonstration manuscript with PowerPoint 2003, we normally would most likely get the titles of each slide together as a content abstract and put them on the first or second slide so that the manuscript will seems much more direct. If you complete this operation with copying and also pasting, it would be a bit troublesome. Actually, the easiest and speediest way must be choosing multiple slides and pressing “alt+shift+s”.
2. Use the paint-pencil to do marks
When we play the slides, sometimes we need to do marks on the slides so that it could be easily understood. Then what should you do? You might right-click the slide and choose “pointer options-drawing”. In this way, you could write as well as draw in the slide with the paint-pencil. And after use, you could press “ESC” to exit.
3. Protect your PPT from adjusting
You could choose “tool- options- security” and set a password for it to protect your PPT from adjusting. In addition, you could save PPT as. pps formats. In this way, it will not only prevent being edited but also directly be opened by double click. Certainly, you might also convert PPT to AVI.
4. Find free images with barbola
Sometimes we need to find several photos as supplemented materials when we make a manuscript. In reality, you needn’t to find these photos from websites, because you could find them from barbolas. The way is: “insert- images- barbola” and input the key words and choose “Web collection” from the drop-down list of the “searching range”. Then you would see many images that are freely provided by Microsoft.

07-05-2011, 07:39 AM
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