View Full Version : New Reality TV Show With Mobile as Co-star

08-20-2010, 04:03 PM
OK, this is mobile marketing taken to 11. It's a tv show that takes the entertainment of Antiques Roadshow/Pawn Stars and combines that with instruction about how to use a mobile phone to make a profit(!) flipping antiques. The phone is never mentioned, or discussed, or spotlighted - it's just the tool that lets the hosts compare sticker prices at antiques stores (and yard sales and flea markets and estate sales) to final bids on completed online auctions. The phone/video conferencing is used to connect (live) with appraisers. And to take the photos used to re-sell the stuff.

Blackberry is sort of dabbling with the same idea, but not as effectively, with their ad for the interior decorator that uses a BB to send pictures to clients. No wow factor there in my opinion. Current Bid, on the other hand, is demonstrating a formula anyone can apply.

This needs to get into the right hands to be funded and produced in earnest - a five-minuet digest of the pilot, which was shot and edited for less than $5,000 - can be viewed at currentbidtv dot com.

A promise from the show's producer: "If anyone succeeds in getting this in front of someone that has decision-making power and production results, you've got yourself a cushy job doing whatever it is you're good at and enjoy."

Seems like a no-brainer. Run with it.