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03-05-2010, 09:11 PM
From ReadWriteWeb:

2 Services for DIY Mobile Social Networks


"Forget building your own iPhone app, you can now build your own mobile social network! Two companies - Shoutem and Socialight - are offering platforms that allow anyone to design, develop and launch their very own social networks for mobile devices. Although neither service will likely lead to the next creation of the next Twitter or Foursquare, the tools they offer are perfect for design a niche site for a select group of users. Whether it's a closed network for you and your friends, a fan-based network for celebrating a favorite TV show, a one-time use network for a particular conference or event or even something designed for use within a particular company, these services have you covered.

We've already seen social network DIY services take off on the desktop, mainly due to Ning and their niche network building tools. That same concept can now be reproduced on the mobile platform thanks to Shoutem (http://www.shoutem.com/) and Socialight (http://socialight.com/)..."

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