View Full Version : db search and report script needed

03-15-2009, 01:11 AM
im in need of a .php script that will search fields in db and report the findings.

i will need to be able to change the fields... script will be used on multiple sites...

PM me questions and quotes..


03-15-2009, 07:50 AM
It's here http://php.about.com/od/phpwithmysql/ss/mysql_php.htm

and a lot of other tutorials http://php.about.com/lr/using_php_with_mysql/93554/1/

One thing they do there is tell you to create a DB with a command
To follow along with what we are doing, you will need to create a database table by executing this command: but you can if you want do that and manipulate your DB using phpMyAdmin which gives you an easy GUI. On your server you may not be able to create DBs or DB users with phpMyAdmin - Look for the MySql icon instead, that has privileges to create DBs.

Do you have MySql installed locally?