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02-11-2009, 09:42 PM
I am new to this forum, but certainly not internet marketing which I've been involved with for years. Currently I'm the director of affiliate marketing for an AOR in Nevada. I have recently given some thought to developing mobi sites for the offers we have because I have pubs that drop a ton of SMS and I'd like to take advantage of this.

My question was "will our offers convert better if we have a mobi site as opposed to the .com's we have now?"

My thinking was that if we have pubs dropping SMS for our offers, that a person may be more inclined to buy in if the site will render properly on their mobile device.

Do any of you have any data that would support your opinions? I know I can ask what you think, but I'd rather know what you know. So basically I'd like to know if anyone has both types of sites running for CPA type offers and if they (you) have noticed an increase or decrease in conversions between the .com vs. .mobi

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read my question and for those of you who can answer!

02-11-2009, 10:37 PM
Hey welcome!

Are you asking if the tld makes a difference in conversion?
Conversion on deck? Conversion of click through on SMS?

Honest answer, I ain't got a clue mate, I've never text marketed a .mobi but push a .co.uk by sms automatically 30 days after a customer last spent with us.

You could set up a mobileconvrates .com and .mobi give them both matching sites with the same call to action, set up an AdMob / Google campaign to buy equal clicks in and run a basic a / b split test with logging through AdMob Analytics.

To get the clicks in an emulate SMS I'd say have the text link just say the url then you can get a conversion rate on the website as well as monitor any differences in click through rate when .com or .mobi is part of the link text.

For on deck matters I don't think it's going to make much of a difference when you bear in mind the number of handsets where the address bar is hidden from view and only seen by the user when entering urls. Loads of phones scroll the address in the title bar so .com or .mobi may not even be that much of a visible factor.

A visible address bar is more common on smartphones but I really think the usablility of the site is going to be more of a factor than the domain extension used.

If there were hard and fast proof that .mobi as a domain extenion gave conversion a kick the take up of new registrations would go through the roof!

Or if you were really asking if having a mobile specific site will help conversion rate then the answer is YES!

Anyone visiting a non-mobile adapating .com on a mobile device is most likely going to have a pretty bad time, adapting the pages for mobile devices for them is going to give them an interface with you that was denied before. That is always good for conversion!

If you Google for 'detect mobile devices' and you'll find a PHP function to detect and redirect users based on user agent. It lets you detect a mobile browser and send them to a mobi site whilst desktop browsers get to see the fully featured .com

To that extent device detection and adaptation works a treat on conversion rate.

Put that to an a / b split test too, let 50% of users load a fully bloated 128k page with a stack or images and javascript with the same call to action as a mobile ready site and watch the conversion rate on the mobile site spank the bloated version.