View Full Version : Cross-Promotion Opportunity for Automobile Domains

06-09-2008, 03:29 AM
In the spirit of Gerry's cross-promotion idea, please list your automotive domain names here if you would like to participate in a cross-marketing effort. It just takes a banner or text link to each others' domain names and we could have ourselves some nice webrings.

I'll start:

http://AutoAccess.mobi, a nice little site designed by Egnited that I purchased a short time ago.

06-09-2008, 03:39 AM
I have the names (no sites yet) AutoRama and AutoPro that I will be glad to put in.

Plan on have news on the latest models and auto shows as well as service centers.

Did I say plan?

Oh, that was number 963. :biggrin:

On a serious note, links links links will help carry this. As well as keywords and meta-tagging. It is worth the effort.

I have been preaching the co-operative effort, bartering system, linking from day one with all the rich and raw talent on this forum.

Time to put actions into words.

See this post from earlier today:


Now, I can assure you I can cross promote the heck out of my own. And I'll have plenty of work to do.

But there is an opportunity to be had...we have no competition, per se, in the real domain. Your competition and your gTLD's are most likely parked pages.

And YES, Virginia...there is a Google and Yahoo Santa that loves and ranks .mobi sites!