View Full Version : REPS, green emeralds to the right of people names given by clicking the scales

06-06-2008, 05:25 PM
Im just wondering without having searched too hard,:exanimate: have the reps been cut down to 2-3 a day?(not that i think this is a bad thing at this time) as the many threads stay and continue to get reps for months/years to come, so i think a limit is good...is it 3? Theres just eay half a dozen that could be due daily.....if we had this vote sorry i missed it.....just noticed after3 maybe reps no more(been away a while) iM BUSTING TO GET MY WIFE HERE WITH ME AND GET RIGHT INTO THIS, just need rehabilitation therapy and so on, all costs $$$ and i never saw a cent from any oif 8 car wrecks...im gettin better every day..agape Juan