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  18. SIGH, OK, IT is SMOP but .mobi seems less work than .com whos got the experience
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  25. Mobile Games Reviews.
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  28. price wanted for development, if possible?
  29. I need a developer for move.mobi, price.mobi and weightloss.mobi
  30. Has anyone worked with stscac (NP)/Steve?
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  35. In at the deep end!
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  38. All options will be considered
  39. installation code for ad server.
  40. Wurfl
  41. Does anything jump out at you?
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  47. How create website for games for mobilephone ?
  48. Can u do something similar?
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  50. Partnership with APKC.net
  51. BlackJackGames.mobi
  52. Attention MOBI gamers!
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  55. Buy 1 Year Hosting and receive a free MOBI website!
  56. Need a logo? Friday Special Logos only $25 - Banners $30
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  60. podcasts and simulcasts
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  62. Insurance comparison site
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  64. Answers needed and problem solving
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  66. Lads.mobi
  67. Developer wanted
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  77. resort websites
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  84. css file
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  106. WANTED: Developer for professional solution.
  107. WANTED / PARTNERSHIP: Uefa Euro 2008 Vienna Austria.
  108. Mobile Directory Script with Automatic Billing
  109. Mobilize Wikipedia.org using PHP
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  127. Pest Control Plantation