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  21. Storefront Manager Application?
  22. Application Version Number Question
  23. App World Encryption Restrictions
  24. Digital River epen reports
  25. Web Development vs Java Development
  26. Lock Unlock Issue on BlackBerry 9530.
  27. is not available for download from App World
  28. Setting up multiple build environments with same signature
  29. App World Support - Mean response time
  30. Rich Client Application Question
  31. Dialog prompts while updating version.
  32. Advanced Developer Wanted
  33. New BB Developer - Service Fee Clarification
  34. Waiting period for application review process...
  35. Vendor name in Finance Category
  36. Featured Apps
  37. Hello
  38. Turning your Blackberry app into a super app
  39. Blackberry PIN Number Issue
  40. How long is the vendor approval process???
  41. Bandwidth recommandations
  42. uploading j2me application on app world
  43. Change Supported Devices?
  44. Calling methods from locationUpdated method in blackerry JDE
  45. income taxes
  46. BB development
  47. Mobile Developer Survey: Developing for BlackBerry (appr. by Andres Kello)
  48. Mobile Developer Survey - Just launched!
  49. Compatible phones regarding apps?
  51. Lock App for blackberry
  52. how to use watsapp app in blackberry ?
  53. Why most of the blackberry phone suffer from app error 523
  54. Complete solution for App Error in BB
  55. Download to wrong device causes bad review
  56. SEO optimization: US vs UK English in app title
  57. [Suggestion]Remote access to dev alphas
  58. cannot change upgrade price of the app
  59. Syncing Alpha C (Q10) with PC - problems
  60. how to access Excel Data in Blackberry
  61. App purchase issue
  62. Beta test without sideloading
  63. BlackBerry World Sandbox
  64. Getting Error when adding a new release
  65. BlackBerry Commerce Account Statement is different from the Purchase Report of Vendor Portal
  66. Errors while uploading ZIP file
  67. Incorrect App Version # displayed
  68. BlackBerry 10 version metrics
  69. How to compile app in 10.0.0 sdk
  70. File release denied (again) - this time: duplicate application... HELP!
  71. upgrade not working
  72. Icons are not updating in BBW
  73. Blackberry 10 app is not downloading on z 10
  74. Application has aproved but not comming while searching on blackberry z 10
  75. Problem with people from APP WORLD!!!
  76. BlackBerry World Developer Login No Longer Works - No Contact Info!!
  77. [ASK]Change Developer Password
  78. Can;t login with my blackberry ID
  79. Sandbox
  80. A Message about the Update.
  81. Remove old Releases
  82. Vendor account is disabled - registered since 3 days back
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  96. App Rejected
  97. Unable to upgrade my app on Z10
  98. Creating "Vendor account"
  99. Dev c alpha
  100. Add a release
  101. Auto-conversion Q10 + 9720 Emails -- opt in rather than opt out
  102. Where to find account balance?
  103. Jam Zone badges
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  106. BlackBerry_App_Descriptor.xml Icon
  107. Application protection from copiyng by users who didn't buy it
  108. Help! Applied for a vendor account three days ago and now seeing 'Vendor account status is disabled.
  109. Is there something wrong with purchasing?
  110. Vendor Portal linked CR ticket request
  111. APP ask someone to download
  112. customer care
  113. How does Bango work?
  114. Incorrect price at the check-out
  115. In-app purchases report
  116. App update issue
  117. why can't you allow your phones to download applications wherever in this world
  118. Release QNX and BBOS apps independently?
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  126. Still waiting for approval - "vendor status disabled" - after 1 month+
  127. apps world is not working
  128. Set an app free?
  129. Same SKU - which platform?
  130. Increase sales?
  131. My vendor id was disabled..
  132. I could not complete my profile...
  133. Educational Apps
  134. Technical Problem...
  135. Dynamic Licensing for Android Apps
  136. ARGHHH!! New BBW randomises screenshot order
  137. Momentics IDE Not detects simulator??
  138. Too many IDs I'm very confused!
  139. How do app version update notices get sent?
  140. how to open blackberry world in webworks app?
  141. Check upgrade is free or paid after upgrading a new version
  142. BBWorld Sandbox Content "Unavailable for this device" error in OS 10.2
  143. Headless App Permission form - Vendor account not found - Is linked to Blackberry ID
  144. File Release Denied: application icon appears as a default icon
  145. BFB - pending for many months
  146. Delaying app release date when in Draft mode
  147. BFB - pending for many months
  148. Third Party Digital Rights
  149. blackberry Application on appWorld works on some devices but gives "application attempts to access s
  150. AppWorld Vendor Account is giving me serious provoking problems
  151. App description cut ***
  152. paymentservice_event_get_digital_good_sku crashing
  153. blackberry app world error “bar manifest file package version must be greater than …"
  154. BBOS/BB10 - Same or Separate product definitions in AppWorld.?
  155. help
  156. answer me please !
  157. help
  158. help
  159. BBW randomises
  160. Release problem
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  163. My app is working on Dev Alpha C but crashing on Q10
  164. [Rant] BlackBerry, why are you hopeless?
  165. help
  166. Product Status on vendor portal.
  167. Problem adding app in BlackBerry World For Work
  168. Can't add Playbook support to current BlackBerry World BB10 release of our app
  169. Account and app deleted
  170. Digital River Payment August
  171. BBOS Payment API issue (BB6, BB7)
  172. Do BlackBerry provide Paid Technical support to the developer building applications for BlackBerr
  173. My BB ID is not working?
  174. Paid Upgrade Are Gone
  175. error code BBID002: Entered vendor account has been used with a different BlackBerry ID account
  176. BFBB - App moved from Under Review to Candidates without an email / explanation
  177. BBW Jira tickets added
  178. My reward not increase after aproval BfB
  179. Changing app license type to free
  180. BB OS 5.0-7.0 Touchscreen list
  181. Paid apps vs ads revenue
  182. Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5 and PlayBook Device Frame Generator for App Screenshots
  183. Regarding the existing app update with new Signing keys
  184. Bad review
  185. What can I do to get my app found in BlackBerry World?
  186. Blackberry My Everything
  187. Blackberry My Everything
  188. Error:Description Resource Path Location Type Syntax error on token ";", { expected after this token
  189. Coordinate new app release with updated BB World graphics?
  190. APK to BAR Error
  191. Need help in modifying of Package-Name within the BB10-bar file
  192. Error logging into Vendor portal with Blackberry ID
  193. Errors when trying to get existing purchases
  194. Error Submitting BB Z10 App to App World
  195. Blackberry 10 phonegap build issue - Reason: Invalid CSK password: signing not verified
  196. Mail from "***ice of the Controller - BlackBerry"?
  197. Can't add product description for BB10.
  198. BlackBerry World US home page broken?
  199. Unable to get a Vendor Portal Account
  200. two games for developement
  201. Question on bundling apps together
  202. Can't update app to new release.
  203. Blackberry Portathons and US taxes
  204. Updating application builted in other SDK
  205. java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
  206. "Review - Information Needed" - no email yet
  207. Ticket status - On Hold
  208. Low sales in Saudi Arabia
  209. Splash screen code
  210. Camera Orientation on Q10
  211. After I test on the BlackBerry Smartphone 9300 there appear error message “ Error starting APPName
  212. Blackberry vendor account not approved after two weeks
  213. is there anything wrong with the product purchase chart?
  214. What is the yearly fee to be a Blackberry world Developer
  215. "Generic Failure" when send SMS
  216. Installing bar from runing application API ?
  217. My Clients Tell Me They Can't Register for BB World. Help!
  218. Change BlackBerry ID that is associated with AppWorld Vendor Account
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  222. Angry about payout
  223. Vendor Portal Batch Upload Screenshots - Seriously Please?
  224. Editing product always fail
  225. BlackBerry World - where the apps gone?
  226. BlackBerry hates Microsoft that much?
  227. Anyone Else's App Downloads Gone Down the Wazoo After Lay*** Announcement??
  228. CSK password is not valid
  229. App startup problem in
  230. Need to change my Application Name
  231. Merging Apps
  232. how to create application for black berry app world
  233. tapjoy alternative
  234. App Development
  235. Update app with different module name
  236. Q10 simulator different than what ended up on actual Q10
  237. Network Error when trying to download a draft on a Z10
  238. signing keys
  239. Issue facing while application upgrade
  240. Transfer App ownership from one account to another
  241. Frustrating time with 'lost' BlackBerry ID and logging in
  242. Sandbox Drafts
  243. BlackBerry App for different handset language
  244. "You must submit a non-trial release" message
  245. Update Blackberry java app with news build to app world
  246. Sandbox issue
  247. Questions about OS version-specific bundles
  248. Deployment problem to Orange France user?
  249. Purchasing Apps with Paypal
  250. Problems with app on leaked 10.2 OS for Q10