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  17. Landscape Vs Portrait
  18. Device Driver Development for Windows mobile 6.5
  19. IP Address of Cellular Network Connection
  20. distribution of self-signed application
  21. WebRequest & Connection Manager
  22. How to display audio track list in my application
  23. Windows CE VoIP
  24. Problem deploying application
  25. CAB file too big
  26. Draw an arrow in windows mobile
  27. SNTP server on Windows Ce 5.0?
  28. phone call in windows mobile 6 professional emulator
  29. FindFirstFile using
  30. How to read MP3 tag with .NET Compact Framework 3.5?
  31. HOw to add the usefull alert delays in calendar (as it was in mobile 6.1)??
  32. OMA DM Notification trigger
  33. "The program comes from an unknown publisher" message when installing signed CAB
  34. The API function StartDoc() hangs on WinCE6.0
  35. how to fetch contact numbers saved in a ppc and show it in combo box
  36. Navigation Buttons Do Not Set Focus to the Controls Added to a Container At Runtime
  37. wm se7en develope for hd2?????????????????????????????????
  38. Data breakpoint on Windows pocket pc emulator.
  39. Windows Mobile Development using sql compact edition
  40. How to create a mouse cursor on Window Mobile Desktop?
  41. Java VM crash while opening HTTP input stream
  42. Distinguish between WiFi, GPRS, USB Network Adapters
  43. Communication between two mobiles
  44. Loading PNG images in Visual Studio 2008 Designer
  45. bootstrap could not be loaded
  46. How to delete Emails , Calendr on Windows Mobile using C#
  47. How do i emulate storage card?
  48. Play sound on samsung Omnia II
  49. need help, printing issue
  50. How can I require a client authentication from Windows Mobile 6?
  51. bluetooth help by InTheHand library
  52. Execute code when Scrolling stops (Gestures Managed Code)
  53. Windows Mobile 5 based device loses its applications suddenly
  54. how to run the .NETCF CLR Profiler on my application
  55. Device-Independent Windows Mobile Applications Sampel code
  56. Something about GPS and SOS
  57. Programatically turning off autocompletion for a form or application
  58. regsvrce error
  59. Is it possible to drag and drop any controls in home window via Resource in Windows Mobile 6.0 Profe
  60. How to get item text of SysListView32 control in native mailbox in Window Mobile device?
  61. WebClient Replacment.
  62. Vs.2005 Windows 7 Error "the required ActiveSync proxy ports are not registered."
  63. Visual Studio 08 Smart Device error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  64. SDK certificate after Dec. 31
  65. windows state maximized
  66. How to customized a new browser that could scroll with a finger by using CPP
  67. Power Management in Drivers Concepts...
  68. Need Winodws Mobile Devices Blank
  69. WM5 device using alternate number when connecting using modem connection
  70. WinCE VoIP
  71. Gestures selection problem in Tree View Control
  72. MutilCab install sample
  73. Pros and cons of the Windows Mobile platform
  74. Modify tasks in c++ program
  75. windows mobile 6.5.3 TDK download
  76. windows mobile 6.5.3 TDK download
  77. Sms Gateway service
  78. SMS Help for Nokia E51
  79. wm 6.5.3 rtl hebrew
  80. disable "internet pictures blocked" in Outlook Mobile on WM 6.5
  81. Adding a command to the File Explorer context menu
  82. ObjectDisposedException in new, empty project
  83. Call/sms history on the smartphone
  84. Get Image from URL on pocketpc 2003?
  85. _tcscpy_s function in Windows Mobile
  86. Swapping buttons dynamically:
  87. How to use Cut And Paste
  88. WM6.5 vs2008 Program Rotates in emulator but not on htc hd2
  89. Inactiviety Tineout
  90. Is there any software for Windows moblie phone to backup SMS?
  91. csv file device application(1.0)
  92. Skype for Windows Mobile 3.0
  93. Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows mobile Vista (64-bit) 6.1
  94. Pocket Dictionary 2.5 for (Windows Mobile)
  95. Implement the Barcode Reader in windows mobile device
  96. How or which ways to change my mobile application (.NETCF3.5,VS2008,SQLce) to windows phone 8.0
  97. Crreate VS2008 C# applications for Motorola's MC9190 Scanner
  98. Cannot get WMDC to install in WINDOWS 8
  99. SipSetCurrentIM on Windows Mobile 6 and 6.5
  100. Call webservice from mobile handled c#
  101. timer in opennetcf
  102. Background color
  103. WCF WEB Service Windows 8 not seen by web client
  104. Running openssl under Visual Studio 9.0 for Windows Mobile
  105. J2ME access cellid / lac / mnc / mcc in windows mobile 6
  106. How to transfer Windows Phone 8 Apps Internal database to a Windows 8 PC via USB connection?
  107. Does LSP supported by Windows 8.1
  108. Helping VS2012 find the path to my Windows CE SDK
  109. Windows Mobile 5.0 Databind pictureBox
  110. Connect windows mobile 6 to wifi
  111. genasm.exe(1) error
  112. OpenNET CF RAPI Delete all files in a device directory?
  113. Retrieve time from NTP server on Windows mobile
  114. Fit height and width
  115. Windows CE 5.0 Modal UserControl. (C#)
  116. Interoperability Error (Kiosk mode WM 6.5)
  117. Security and Licensing for Windows Mobile 6/6.5 apps?
  118. disable Touch Screen on windows-ce or windows-mobile
  119. when i press right or left key on combobox i need to go to another control
  120. Can test-signed ELAM Driver work in non-kernel debug mode?
  121. Video capture fullscreen problem on wince 6.0 with GDI and DirectDraw
  122. Cannot get WMDC to auto-launch in WINDOWS 7 x64 SP1
  123. WM 6.5 Reading INI file in HTML
  124. How could I draw fullscreen video image with mfc and with a toolbar floating on the image in WINCE6.
  125. There's no DMA option in Device Center connection settings dialog
  126. insert value to registry by C# code
  127. An audio stream client under WinCe 6
  128. How to monitor Network traffic in Windows Mobile 6.5 using C#?
  129. Application.exe encountered a problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience
  130. Where can I find a Visual Studio 2008 Professional download?
  131. Problems with key navigation with SelectNextControl using Buttons in Panel.
  132. Control on pop up messages during Multiple cab installation
  133. Desarrollo para pocket pc en vs .net 2012
  134. Future plan on Windows CE
  135. Ethernet problem
  136. Search dataset and save rows with same item in column?
  137. Empty database in Windows Mobile 6.5?
  138. Thread Creation
  139. Regarding init function call
  140. Locks in Nokia Lumia 620
  141. Windows 8 WDMC
  142. Windows Mobile 6 sdk installation error, COM3 in use,please check the implementation
  143. How to send string to any active window in windows CE.NET using CSharp
  144. read the Functional descriptors from the USB device
  145. Windows Mobile Device Center cannot connect when using Remote Desktop Connection
  146. How to enable "Reset Password" Menu in Windows Mobile 6.5 ?
  147. C# Windows Mobile MC67 Mobile Computer , how to print using Zebra RW420 via Bluetooth
  148. How to delete a Contact from Pocket PC with C#?
  149. Client application for windows mobile Active X Control
  150. User Logon Problem
  151. Windows Mobile Application Crash
  152. unresolved external symbol InitCommonControlsEx
  153. popup control
  154. Create custom Controls in Windowsmobile
  155. Check box in data grid for mobile application
  156. Wait Cursor Not Showing
  157. How to write a Event-Delegate using Reflection and Compact Framework 2.0
  158. Tutorial on Smart Device programming for complete newbie using Visual Studio 2008?
  159. How to find a USB Storage folder path in Windows CE 6.0 (C++ WIN32)
  160. a specified communication resource(port) is already in use by another application
  161. Reg Edit application for WinCE6.0
  162. datagrid administration in windows movile
  163. Smart device project to windows project
  164. Optional server components for Windows mobile download - link broken
  165. "Failed to start debugging"
  166. Winsock graceful shutdown
  167. Problem in creating object of X509Certificate from .cer or .crt file
  168. Where are the stored credentials for my queries when I deploy to windows mobile 6.1
  169. Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e
  170. contacts
  171. Unicode Character Key Event
  172. ***line Web Apps for IE Mobile 6
  173. Disable explorer from activesync
  174. Learn Windows Phone by publishing a new app or game, Nokia DVLUP Program.
  175. CAB Installer development for Windows Mobile Application with multilingual support
  176. File transfer txt file to windows mobile 6
  177. File transfer txt file to windows mobile 6
  178. CAB Installer development for Windows Mobile Application with multilingual support
  179. Disable explorer from activesync
  180. ***line Web Apps for IE Mobile 6
  181. contacts
  182. Unicode Character Key Event
  183. Winsock graceful shutdown
  184. Problem in creating object of X509Certificate from .cer or .crt file
  185. Where are the stored credentials for my queries when I deploy to windows mobile 6.1
  186. Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e
  187. a specified communication resource(port) is already in use by another application
  188. Optional server components for Windows mobile download - link broken
  189. "Failed to start debugging"
  190. Thread Creation
  191. Smart device project to windows project
  192. datagrid administration in windows movile
  193. How to write a Event-Delegate using Reflection and Compact Framework 2.0
  194. Reg Edit application for WinCE6.0
  195. Tutorial on Smart Device programming for complete newbie using Visual Studio 2008?
  196. Wait Cursor Not Showing
  197. Smartphone devices or Windows 8 developers
  198. Read .txt file
  199. Second instance of Visual Studio 8 is overwriting "Device Properties->TCP Connect Transport->Configu
  200. Farsi characters display as machine language in some text boxes that are related to modules (Windows
  201. Smartphone devices for Windows 8 developers
  202. Background Process in Windows Mobile 6.5
  204. [WP7] StreamReader Error
  205. Remote Desktop Version
  206. Is there ability to get uploading BackgroundTransferRequest's result?
  207. how to read special symbol using emdk
  208. Application Lock
  209. Microsoft IMAP Library
  210. Connecting to COM port via Widcomm Bluetooth Stack
  211. "Device is not a notification device" exception (C#, Motorola ES400 / MC65)
  212. How to add .reg file to startup items?
  213. Memory leak detection of Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Pro
  214. Windows Mobile 5 Irda Registry Settings
  215. WM Power Monitor problems
  216. language
  217. Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '\Windows\NETCFV2.p
  218. pop phone call UI on locked screen in win8.1
  219. Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 not showing the DMA option on Windows 7.
  220. Change the tab header color for Windows Mobile 6.5.
  221. Helping VS2012 find the path to my Windows CE SDK
  222. Enable camera button picture shooting
  223. How can I fully connect to my handheld device from Windows Explorer's perspective?
  224. Sync Framework 2.1 and windows mobile 6-6.5 compact database synchronization
  225. htc hd2
  226. htc hd2
  227. Windows CE 6 and Sql 2008 r2 Connection failed.
  228. Navigating between forms in windows mobile leading to hang sometime
  229. Pocket PC 2003 Device - Detect if camera is supported
  230. "Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC" versus "Pocket PC 2003 Device"
  231. Dial-Up Connection over Bluetooth socket, AT Commands
  232. snmpwalk for Windows Mobile devices?
  233. Yet another scrolling issue when the virtual keyboard is visible
  234. Create SQL 2012 Cluster in Windows Azure
  235. Win 8.1 MDM
  236. Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for Pocket PC Download Requires VS2012??? Why?
  237. No .NET Compact Framework in VS2008 Showing
  238. where are the files gone in wm7 ?
  239. How to change USB mode programatically?
  240. Can someone point me to an updated version (VB2008 or above) of this article? "How to copy files to
  241. Windows Mobile / Windows Pocket PC 2003 - Unable to read data from the transport connection
  242. NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M
  243. Pocket PC 2003 Devices - Check if Camera is Supported
  244. Using OBEX to send a vcard to cell phone
  245. mobile OS is frozen randomly
  246. How to hide the connecting popup message when calling ConnMgrEstablishConnection to establish a conn
  247. Mobile Application Security Testing
  248. How to detect a memory corruption or heap fault caused by my program?
  249. Cannot get a video stream with DirectShowNETCF
  250. Windows Embedded Compact 7, Wceload does not support signed cab file?